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on mild mannered, wishy washy Thursday, I ate.  First I had breakfast with some golf buddies.  I wanted to go light but ended up with a massive omelet, hash browns and toast… That was 9-10.  Then at 11:30 Mei Mei and I attended the annual Class of ’61 Valentines day luncheon.  Soup and salad because I was stuffed from breakfast.  We voted no dinner but that resolve faded as dinner time rolled in… Fat doesn’t begin to describe me this morning.

Just got a call from Pam.  She is at the Nautilus Museum for Jackson’s graduation from “A” school. He got another stripe on his uniform - he is now a Seaman Apprentice.  The significance is now he is officially designated as a submarine navigation technician.  He still has one more segment of training and then some leave before he reports to his ship in April.

We had 8 families apply to adopt Marley.  Wow.  How we will decide is not clear because all the families are very well qualified and each has a unique reason they should be the choice.  Hopefully Marley will make the decision for us.

As I was listening to my 4th or 5th repetition of the bloomberg ad last night, I realized I was more than just irritated by his radical rhetoric; I was just plain tired of seeing his BS over and over again.  Accordingly I predict he will not be the winner just because nobody really wants to see him buy his way in with repetitive and very annoying ads. I also am see rumors of a #METOO issue in his past… Of course that only applies to Republicans.. Dems seem immune.

The congressional dems, including some republican voted to restrict PDT on military action against Iran. He will veto the effort but what is with these people about Iran…? Aaaaargh.


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