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Wimpy Thursday - again

My morning reading is done.  Strangely enough I find little change to my mindset, even after reading the persuasive language of professional writers.  Perhaps my mindset is hardened mush and thus unchangeable.  More likely it’s because I never, never wander into the opposite lane thus ensuring a strong resonance.  I did listen to CNN once at an airport.  My ears still bleed.

One article this morning implied there is great concern on the part of some democrats senators that the feinstein woman is not up to the task of managing the democrat outrage during the judiciary hearings for the PDT nominee.  Too old; too weak; very likely to alienate voters…  Chortle… have they listened to nan the ripper ….?  or evil chuckie…?


So the debates will soon be on us.  Here is my prediction: because the expectations for joey are so low, all he has to do is finish with a measurable heartbeat and he will be declared the winner.  I suggest it is very likely that PDT will jump the rails with some statement that the interpreters can latch onto and divert attention from biden’s performance.  Do not look for for any impact on the vote outcome.  They're just aren’t any minds to change or convince.  Based on polls showing joey in the lead, there may not be any minds involved…

Again, I am reluctant to berate joe for his mental lapses.  I am lucky on any given day to remember where my car is parked or who is parked behind me… Thus I will not mock his confusion over 200 million or thousand covid deaths.  I will post this one though:

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