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Well, of course...

this coronavirus is all PDT’s fault… He cut funding to the CDC; specifically those funds designated to fight the coronavirus.  He played golf using chinese made balls.  He hates America.  But most egregiously, he urged people to drink Corona beer.  CoronaVirus, CoronaVirus, CoronaVirus, CoronaVirus, CoronaVirus, CoronaVirus, CoronaVirus.

All of the above played out among democrats at the microphone, amplified and boosted by the Great American News Interpreters as they accuse PDT of politicizing the “pandemic”.  I didn't bother to read Noonan this morning.  Her headline: 

Trump Isn’t Easing Coronavirus Forebodings

Politico accuses PDT of saying the virus is a hoax.  The democrats are making me sick…

joey’s daily gaff stream has become so silly it’s almost as if he is a self-parody.  Yesterday he told SC that he looking forward to appointing the first African American woman to the United States Senate…Chortle.  He probably meant SCOTUS but that’s nit what he said. He was probably thinking of when he told a rally that he was running for the U.S. Senate… I’m sure there is someone in the Trump machinery responsible for cataloging these bit and pieces of joey’s brain…

The cartoons this morning were just iterations of bernie and the failures of socialism. There were a couple of good ones that I hadn’t seen.  As I have made clear, bernie won’t be the nominee as much as we want him to be.  No point in mocking him just before his fatal “heart attack”.

There is a very funny video showing how PDT can troll bernie… I’m not smart enough to extract the video but here is the link  Spend the 15 seconds… You’ll thank me.


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