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Warm and silent

Hampton Roads took a beating from that silly-named storm.  Our power has been out since 7:30 yesterday along with the internet access.  Our provider, Cox, posts updates as to when it will be restored like 7:48 or 8:14. The numbers change everytime i check so clearly they are using a random number generator. As for as Dominion Power, they have a good visual on where power is out but no indication when they will even start working on it, much less restored.  Our generator is humming fine so we have lights, and TV.  Unfortunately I elected not to put the 220v appliances on the generator so we have no A/C.  We are sweating a bit.

I am using my phone as a hot spot for connection to the internet.  Quite satisfactory.  Who needs Cox anyway…

That’s the long and short of it.  No cartoons.  Saving bandwidth.

  © Robert Graham 2012