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That the dems would hold relief hostage for the litany of left-wing wishes: fuel economy standards for the airlines or tax incentives for green energy… One would think the news interpreters would barf at that nonsense but their heads only turn to the left… 


Consider this:  PDT has been trumpeting anti-malarial drugs because they have shown promise from anecdotal sources.  This is the response of the news interpreters as held to ridicule by man with a brain:


Barber shops are closed.  I need a haircut.  Not inclined to worry.  I might let Mei Mei take a shot at trimming my neck… OTOH it’s only Mei Mei, me and the dogs...

Well, I am going to see a surgeon today to get a melanoma removed from my arm, but I don’t think he’ll care.  It was caught very early and is very thin so I am more at risk from being almost old than from cancer.

We are signed up for a new foster.  He is a four year old owner give-up who is blind in one eye and suffers from seizures.  When we take him is a function of whether or not a vet is available to check him out.  One issue with seizures is other dogs tend to attack.  That is one reason he is being given up.  We have experienced that in the past so the behavior of our own dogs will determine if this work.

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He is apparently well trained.  After a brushing, if you ask is he a handsome boy, he will prance.

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