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Two (maybe three) things

Not in order of significance but first is the rejection of the recall for California’s governor in overwhelming numbers.  How stupid are the voters…?  I don’t think that can be quantified.  Those who are sure of a republican sweep next Nov should recognize the syndrome.  Simply offer free stuff and blame xPDT and your success is guaranteed by those who cannot think.

The second is the Milley controversy.  My Dad, a patriot and dedicated Army soldier, was so imbued  with the civilian leadership concept that he refused to vote on the basis that he should not be able to participate in the selection of his boss.  The facts about Milley are far from clear at this point but his integrity and credibility are in the crapper.  No man of honor should serve under the stain spreading around his name.

And I was just wondering why there is no flu shot mandate or requirement for showing proof of such before boarding an airplane… or measles or whooping cough or any other of serious life threatening  communicate disease..? I saw a god one:  “This Wuhan flu is vert serious and out of control.  Pretty soon there will be only 99.4% of us left…”

RIP Norm McDonald

  © Robert Graham