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Twas the Wednesday...

before Christmas and a dreary one indeed.  Our holiday spirit is muted because of fear of the omicron… That’s a joke… we fear nothing in this house except perhaps an internet outage limiting access to my gaming community or, more significantly, the infamous Days of Our Lives.  

joe biden merry christmas 12-21-21

In other news we may soon take on a new foster.  This one is different from most in that she is a healthy, pure bred Golden just turning three years old.  No known health issues for a change.

Poor old Joe Manchin.  The dems are hammering him like a ten penny nail.  One would think he would get on with it and transfer to the republican party… Not gonna happen.  If he became a republican then he would be just another wishy washy moderate and would get no attention.  He’d get a primary opponent who was a MAGA type and he would lose.  By sticking with the dems he has a lock on his office and continuous publicity we all know is mana for politicians.

I’m really hoping Santa will leave me a PS 5 in my stocking but I am concerned.  Does Santa consider my politics as naughty or nice…?  Clearly Santa is a communist… Everybody gets what they want from Big Government  unless they are on the deplorables list compiled by a vast surveillance program.  He employs slave labor and don’t even get me started on animal abuse…  Somehow I don’t think I’m getting that PS 5.

  © Robert Graham