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T''was the day after Christmas

and quiet returned.  The Lames are departing.  Sort of a post Christmas hangover.  

We had a lovely day.  It was a modest package opening.  One of the virtues of the Lame children is their gratitude for every gift, even the packages of socks.  The Christmas feast was overly sufficient.  The Kuhns joined us and added value with their presence and good cheer not to mention the appetizers, pie and spirits. 

Kathleen checked in and we got text from Scott.

A couple of pictures:

 Don’t ask me who those girls are… 

The boys chilled…

Mike took it all very seriously.

We have enough chocolate, cookies and other sweets left over to satisfy the sugar cravings of the world.  

Time for a nap already….?  Ah yes… did I mention the quiet…?

© Robert Graham 2012