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The Friday after the Thursday

Power and internet access… Wow.  Life is made up of small satisfactions I guess.  Never mind the pandemic, democrat driven anarchy, BLM driven attempted murder declared by Portland’s mayor and joey’s spoken assertion that the black community lacks diversity…

With the exception of some things on the Science Channel or the American Hero’s channel, I try to avoid TV.  All generalizations are false, as they say, but most TV is presented at the lowest common denominator and brings out the worst of the Great American Public.  Case in point is Ellen Degeneres.  She hosts a game show where the contestants are humiliated, willingly of course, at the whim of Ellen for the opportunity to win some money.  She is condescending as she mocks the willingness of these poor examples of the public to endure whatever degradation of dignity she may impose.  It’s a tragic portrayal of what people will do in the name of celebrity worship.  The outcome of the final contest depends on the ability of the contestant to recognize the faces of celebrities…

I have little faith in the Great American Public.  I am quick to condemn democrat governance but they were in fact elected to office and continue to be in even in the face of mind boggling incompetence.  I can’t really find the cartoon I want to make this point but perhaps this one is close enough:


© Robert Graham 2012