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The day between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection ...

Mike sent this and asked if it was me

Barber Shop

Nah… not really… I don’t have a beard...  yet

We did Maundy Thursday by Streaming… The Bishop would not permit Communion by proxy so our pastor did a "love feast" where we could eat bread and drink wine (juice for Methodists) while sharing scripture and prayers.  We’ll watch the Easter service being streamed tomorrow.  Some churches are defying the close down order. Actually one Church in Mississippi broadcast the preacher to people sitting in their cars in the parking lot.  That act of civil disobedience resulted in fines for those in the cars.  Yeah… WTF indeed.

Apparently the Black community is suffering disproportionately from Covid-19.   I am pretty sure that this whole virus thing could be solved if we just passed a law against harboring racist viruses.  Either that or make voting by mail the law of the land.  Either one.  Yeah, maybe more the voting by mail thing…

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We cannot enter the Navy Exchange or Commissary unless wearing a mask.  I ordered some from Amazon but by the time they get here… I probably won’t need one anymore…  for any one of several reasons…



Derivative logic:


I was going to tell you a joke about time travel… but you didn’t think it was funny.

Come on man...

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