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The Climate

lingers in the late summer with no traces of radical cold or socialist winds.  I should be playing golf but can’t drum up the enthusiasm.  2020 has sucked me dry and bound me to my house, computer and PS 4.  

If we can’t get public exposure of the hussein administration’s attempt at overthrowing PDT, which even without the mystical Durham report, is pretty thoroughly established; or public exposure of the graft and grift of biden though the arch criminality of his son; what hope is there that corruption in the vote will be revealed.  About the same as reaching into your pocket and discovering a kilo of pure gold.

We are dealing with the strange issue of Ladybug, one of the sister fosters, not having eaten since last Thursday.  That’s a tough fast.  We have tried everything to get her to take nourishment, but she just runs away.  Thue go to the vet tomorrow and then perhaps to another foster home.  I say perhaps because it isn’t clear anyone except us will accept them.  We are handicapped by a planned trip to Asheville over Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned…

If thee is any optimism within the barbaric conservative community these days it is in the minor victories of republican women in the house.  This echos the sweep by democrat women two years ago.  So far it is only +8 and short of a majority, but with the factional fracture of the democrats, that gain may turn out to be very significant.  Yeah, I know…. how can I see with my head so deeply in the sand…

My leadership of the Sunday School class has terminated.  After 8 weeks, I fired myself.  Not going to miss the pressure of having to drum up a lesson plan especially given that I am know practically nothing of the Bible and after leading the study of what defines a  Christian, I realize how far short of being a true disciple I fall.

  © Robert Graham 2012