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The beat goes on...

I don’t even know what that means, but the progressives are on the march.  Apparently the next move in Va is for the dems to overturn the right to work law.  That means non-union workers will have to pay dues to the union.  We all know what unions do to free enterprise… So in addition to killing babies, the Commonwealth will kill jobs…


Mike and I exchanged ideas on the prospects for witnesses and continuation of the persecution of PDT.  We agree in principle although I think the vote on witnesses may require some sort of poison pill to get on with things. One thing I never do is underestimate the Mitch.  He is as good as they get at frustrating the democrats.

I did watch the Republican rebuttal yesterday and was impressed.  Unfortunately I am blind and deaf to anything progressive so acceptance of the republican message was like sipping a fine single malt… Smooth and satisfying.

If Romney were not so squishy with a warm pink center, he could have beaten hussein back in the day.  But he rejected the plea to go after the Islamist-in-Chief on terrorism.  And that’s why we have his never-Trump vote in the senate.  Sad because he is probably the guy most would like to go to church with (Mormonism not withstanding).

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