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Such a world...

Joey said with a straight face that Edison didn’t invent the light bulb… it was a black man.  Of course he was wearing a mask so the straight face part may be wrong.  He also held a press conference where the news interpreters were allowed to ask him questions.  Questions like: PDT called all veterans losers.  How to you feel about that…?  BTW he said he hds lost his list of who he should call on so he had an aide do it...


It occurs to me that I might be suffering terrible abuse on twitter and facebook and don’t even know it… My goodness that is frightening.  I may have been already cancelled...  Wow… if cancellation occurs in the fb/twit forest and you aren’t there to read it, did it actually happen…?


So much confusion:

IMG 3262

There were some excellent cartoons mocking nan the ripper and her bad hair day. I think she mocked herself by claiming she needed an apology for being set up… But Mike takes the morning with this video clip.  click and enjoy...

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