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to have missed Veteran’s Day.  I have a variety of excuses but no evidence of actual fraud…  In any case, since I are one, I support and thank all Veterans.

Big flail yesterday… A family gave up three female goldens, all breeders, to the SPCA because the owner was having major surgery. The SPCA turned them down because apparently there was some issue with having killed a chicken or something. So the rescue was called on an emergency basis to take in the dogs.  We agreed to take two while a proper intake was arranged and fosters found.  The poor girls are frightened to death.  They are basically inseparable and in terrible physical condition.   We thought they would gladly come into the house but not so.  They ran and hid in the most inaccessible area of the yard behind some thick bushes and would not move.  It began to rain and get dark as we managed to drag one out of the bush and into the house.  Long story short, we finally got them both in, but tough night for them and us.  They are scheduled for intake next Tuesday,  In the meantime they are filthy and stinky and scared to death…  

I should make some political analogy at this point but I am tired, physically and mentally… 

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