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Two families visited Marley over the weekend.  Both visits were positive.  Two more to go. In the meantime she is either under my desk or lying right next to me.  This will be a painful parting.

I see a lot of negatives hitting the print re the bloomberg.  He is labeled as anti-farmer, anti-black, misogynist yada, yada.. No doubts these are strikes from the other dems in the race. The most ludicrous accusation is that he wants the evil witch married to a former president to be his VP.  He already comes across as hyper-elite,  supremely obnoxious and completely out of touch with real life.

PDT trolled the world by going to the Daytona 500 and lapping the track in his limo.  Nothing more Trumpian than a patriotic Nascar crowd.  If democrats has brains they were surely fried.

Here area couple left over from the Saturday batch:

Winner of the nonsensical...

IMG 2601

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