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Sleepy Thursday

Played golf reasonably well yesterday. Shot a little under my age which is the measure these days.  Had a good group and didn’t get overly tired.  Didn’t have much trouble sleeping though. Always hard to get going Thursday morning after golf.

How about nan the ripper getting caught breaking the covid rules…   First she said she didn’t realize and then she tried to blame the salon… Rules are for thee… not so much for me… She has no shame...

pelosi no one is above the law 09-02-2020

joey ventured in the real world for just a while… He had something to say… Here, let me see if I can find the quote:


Oh yeah… he’s got my vote…

Not much else going on.  The lawn needs to be mowed again.  I hate winter but at least the grass doesn’t grow.  

One final question before I turn on the video game…


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