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No rain.  Been a long span between showers.  Not a bad thing unless you are a hanging plant.  

Scott and Kayla are in NORVA with Kathleen this morning.  Kayla has a tournament somewhere up there.  They’ll be back here Sunday.  Joe, Scott, Kayla and I played yesterday.  It was a veeeeerrrry hot day but such fun playing with our young lady.

The clash of cultures continues with one wishing for the old days and the other wishing for a communist takeover.  The Covid crises has become a tool of the left as it desperately tries to take down the economy and PDT with it.  Who will win and will armed sedition follow…?  That is the question…

I see RBG the leading lefty on SCOTUS is undergoing chemo for liver cancer that will certainly take her down.  Kudos on her longevity to date.  She is will leave in November in any case.  She can’t out last another PDT term and if he should lose their would be no need to linger.

Good OPED on the WSJ editorial page this morning detailing the failure of leadership within the Navy as the inevitable rot of political correctness has taken it’s toll. The Article focused on the unsustainable op-tempo with the resulting wear and tear on ships and men but between the lines the message is clear.  Leadership is no longer a defined quality required for advancement.  So many things pushing me to rejoice in my inevitable and encroaching departure…

Given my age and accumulated wisdom I offer this for the benefit of those still on the up curve:

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