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Wow.  Color me unable to grasp the sensibilities of democrat primary voters.  joey makes it big in SC and suddenly he has the halo that shined through super Tuesday… How exactly he went from dunce of the year to frontrunner must signify something.  Is it the power of the DNC…?  Was there always this undercurrent of distrust in the Great Socialist Dream…?  Whatever is pulling the strings, it makes me sad.  The bern was a delicious target.  I suppose joey is better for PDT than say, sneaky pete or klo but the problem with joey is his immunity to any damage from his addled bumbling rhetoric.  He can say anything, and actually has, and there will just be chuckles and votes as a consequence.


Poor old liz… Third in her home state…!  How does she reconcile that…? But in reality no one really ever thought she had a chance.  She is just a dishonest whisper of the real thing represented by the bern…  Still there is no move by the dems to get her to stand aside… And why would that be…?  She is taking votes from the bern of course… Look for her to stay around a while at least until joey gets solidified.

That brings us to bloomie who won American Samoa I believe.  I’m guessing they couldn’t get enough of the putrid ads on the local TV to turn the stomachs of the Samoans… 

Last night the TV stations were dedicated to the primaries.  Forgotten were the families in Nashville in agony from lost homes, loved ones and lives ripped asunder. But Tennessee is totally representational  of the deplorable population described by the evil witch.  They pray and cling together thumping bibles and their guns and thus so unworthy.

Viking has offered to allow us take a refund for the April cruise to Eastern Europe.  That would be in the form of a voucher for a future cruise.  Smart move.  They just defer the revenue.  In all probability we will cancel.  Haven’t heard the status re virus from Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Et al… but statistically I would suspect they have it and may not know it or may not want us to know it.  Hopefully we can live long enough to collect on the voucher.

It’s not funny to mock those with the virus.  Doesn’t stop democrats of course. Candi CdeBaca a council woman from Dever said: "For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I'm attending every MAGA rally I can.”.   Wonderful…  BTW Pity the Iranians


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