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Reset Day...

Tuesday is when the video game I play resets.  That means new stuff to do.  Actually the same old stuff but the rewards are refreshed.  Silly notion but familiar to those who game.  This particular Tuesday we will have a funeral service for one of our Sunday School classmates.  It’s becoming an almost weekly event.  

Apropos of nothing but true to life:

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The hysteria of the bern phenomena is approaching that of the coronavirus.  Two effects:  one is a cockiness among republicans that victory is assured; the other is a deep panic among democrats that a republican victory is assured.  I feel confident in predicting that the bern will not be the nominee.  Democrats have never shied away from lying and cheating.  To wit: the shut out of bern last year and, for heavens sakes: impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. I certainly don’t want to see the memes concerning the bern’s fatal “heart attack”, but there is precedent…

My assumption is that a bernie light, in the form of sneaky pete will emerge as palatable to both the news  interpreters and the dem power brokers who normally decide these things.  Turns out sneaky pete’s dad was a avowed leftist of the bernie variety.  Here is a rather lengthy but enlightening article.  I warn you now that pete is big time trouble masked by his smooth demeanor and a favorable comparison to the bern.  Hmmmm I could see a bernie-pete coalition

In any case nothing is ever as it seems.  Did you see over the weekend that Clint, my hero, of empty chair fame, wants bloomie…?  Man, is that scary or what…?

There is little funny about the current run of the virus… Still the folks at CNN try:

cnn german borders coronavirus 2-25-20

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