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I cannot take one more minute of PDT’s Covid briefings… I will certainly vote for the man… Frankly, I’d vote for a plastic bag filled with dog poop before any democrat in view.  But come on man, I’m really sick of the constant self praise and repetition.  And that’s just the interpreters… Don’t even get me started on Trump…


 So how about that hydroxychloroquine… If PDT says the word it is automatically poison for the body and the soul.  If my life were hanging in the balance and they said hydroxychloroquine might save you but could give you a headache… Come on man… OK, perhaps if they said you will recover only if you vote democrat… Then pull the plug; otherwise I’ll take that pill.


No hydroxychloroquine for YOU!

Clearly I have nothing to say today.  All is well here in our tiny community.  Folks walk up and down in the street.  Some with dogs; some with spouse; some with  infanticide survivors...  Whole families trek together.  We all wave and smile.  Stay safe is the war cry…Hand washing has become an OCD passion.  Sing Happy Birthday twice as you wash and you will get your 20 seconds… We get our meals from Home Chef… Lots of flavor and calories.  Our scale is a communist.  It lies like the WHO…

© Robert Graham 2012