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Random thoughts...

joey’s  former stenographer says he is failing mentally.  This is not an anonymous source… No mention of this among the news interpreters… the atlantic article, based on ANONYMOUS sources has played and replayed for a week even in the face of Bolton’s  denial along with many others who were there. Fair and balanced.

Here in Hampton Roads, the city of Hampton is going through agony.  A powerful, black, state woman senator was arrested and charged by the Hampton police for defacing a statue.  Immediate uproar.  The Hampton police chief, a black woman, was fired.  Then the city council got involved and suddenly the city manager resigned and the city attorney was fired.  The police chief will probably be re-hired but the stink remains.  Defacing the statue is a criminal offense.  But when the offender invokes her race, suddenly laws are not important… Of course you don’t have to invoke race… You can just be a politician to get the same expedition.

I am not a fan of Colin Kapernick.  But you have to give him credit.  He knelt firm in the face of enormous pressure to conform.  Now he has become a national hero.  He is even a character in the Madden Football game.  He could easily have been joey’s VP if he had just been a woman.

In the face of all the bad news, doom, rape and murder… Consider this:


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