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Rain and nasty

We had several inches of rain yesterday through last night. The swimming pool thus testifies.  The lawn is a mess and I can’t mow it because of the rain and damaged drive belt.  Some problems are bigger than others.

S.I.L. Judy has sent me a batch of excellent cartoons.  Now I have to create a context for using them.  Not really I guess… I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good ant-democrat cartoon…? For example:

The question is begged: How can any Christian, of whatever denomination, vote democrat…?  Similarly, how can any Jew vote democrat…?  If the inherent anti-attitude isn’t convincing alone, consider the advocation of the murder of unborn souls… 

In lieu of perceptive analysis and witty commentary, I offer this in closing;


Sad isn’t it…

  © Robert Graham 2012