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Not much going on.  We had no-shake day at Church.  Elbow bumps were the order of the day.  Yesterday we visited a friend layed up from foot surgery.  I brought some special medication for him in the form of 14 year old Oban.  Later at home we watched the live concert at the Ryman in celebration of the PBS series "Country Music”.  Good stuff.

Generally I like to watch 60 Minutes, unless they are dealing with any political issue.  The bias is strong and deep so I inevitably turn it off in a cloud of expletives.  Last night as they were doing a Coronavirus story, they immediately attempted to turn the story into an anti-PDT tirade.  I reacted predictably. .

It seems that ms klo slipped into admitting she was promised VP if she dropped and supported joey.  We don’t yet know what sneaky pete was promised but clearly the fix is settled, to the chagrin of the bernie folks.  How weak are the dems if they need to cheat and steal to get biden for their nominee…?


We were approached about the possibility of a new foster.  Nothing confirmed yet but it looks like maybe a middle aged male from Turkey might be looking for a home.

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