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Quid pro... whaaaat?

Repeating myself again, PDT is accused of having bad motives in that he most assuredly had something in mind in exchange for releasing aid to Ukraine.  And that’s the basis for the mythological abuse of his power. And so IMPEACH,  IMPEACH,  IMPEACH,  IMPEACH,  the bastard….

Thus the rule established, what are we to make of the fact that the VP of the United States of American actually bragged of doing exactly that.  On TV.  As shown to the Senate…  How are we to account for the dismissal of biden’s explicitly stated quid pro quo… ?  Oh never mind… democrat.


This exchange stands alone:

Sekulow: "After 31 or 32 times you said you proved every aspect of your case... [pauses for response] That's what you said."

Schiff: "We did."

Sekulow: "Well then I don't think we need any witnesses.”

There are mutterings all about, that the republicans may in fact have the votes to deny the democrats their “fair” trial.  That Mitch… what a guy.  Apparently his strategy was to allow the democrats to continue talking.  Just hearing schiff repeat his lies is enough to seal the case…

Well there is always romney...


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