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Oh well...

We could only stay up to watch the first half last night.  We were pulling for Clemson… well, only because that’s Megan’s school. I know LSU took over but we went out on a high note.  Clemson had a strong start and pulled to an early lead.  As any who watched the game knows, PDT got a rousing, standing ovation with chants of USA, USA when he was introduced.  Fancy nancy must be grinding her teeth in in rage and despair.

Dreary and rainy this morning. It would be depressing except its not.  The dogs are unhappy about not being able to run outside.  I have to work on a lesson plan so the atmosphere is fine.

It’s staggering in my mind that democrats hate PDT so much they cannot bring themselves to condemn the Iranian regime.  They can’t even support the protestors… My guess based on the reaction at the game is they are a bit out of synch with real Americans.  I just hope that disconnect survives the summer and through the elections.


How will impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, play in Senate…?  The dems cry for witnesses… I guess it’s improper to ask why the house didn’t require the witnesses…  I know they claim the administration was uncooperative.  I’m pretty sure that’s why we have a third branch of government, but that is Civics 101 and they don’t teach that anymore…  In any case even a cynic like myself is pretty confidant we already know the outcome of the trial.


Meanwhile here in the Commonwealth, the democrats charge forward into gun legislation.  They seem to think they have some sort of mandate.  Beware rousing the ire of the real Americans in this state…



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