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Not so upbeat...

I am so fed up with the news interpreters I scream at the TV as I am turning it off.  PDT drives me equally crazy - every thing is incredible and perfect.  I am really weary of hearing how he saved the world by cutting off flights with China.  I know things will get worse.  I know things will get better.  I know we, Mei Mei and I, are at risk.  I know my neighbors care.  I know the appropriate people are working their butts off for solutions.  So stop with the doomsday projections and Trump blaming.  STOP.


We had a nice weekend.  Saturday after dinner we even traipsed over to the Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt.  The place was busy but exercising extreme sanitation and folks were careful about distancing.  Remi, our foster is experiencing pain from a torn ACL issue he had.  Makes it tough to get him in and out for potty things.  He may need surgery.

Apparently Virginia still wants their money so I may have to do my taxes after all.  Doesn’t seem fair. Maybe I should just refuse, let them send me to jail and then they would release me like all of the other prisoners being released because of Covid-19 panic.  With my luck I’d get a democrat for a roommate… Probably not a good strategy.


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