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No time

Busy with lesson plans and we have a funeral to attend, not to mention our new foster

I did take time to watch that wretched shrew, pelosi, do her little happy dance waving pens and cheering the the thing she swore she would not do… the completely partisan impeachment.  The only non-partisan aspect was some democrats voted against.  It will be fun watching the interpreters and other democrats trying to justify the glee…

Our new foster has a tainted pedigree.  My guess is she is about 75% golden.  The other 25% probably include some beagle among other things.  She is very sweet and terribly confused.  I was hoping, as  three year old, she would want to play with Gracie Pearl.  Doesn’t seem to be the case.  Marley just shies away…  Marley seems to be an odd name for a girl.  But then we haven’t been able to ascertain exactly how she identifies…  Hate to assume a gender…

My lesson on Sunday and the next two is on fear… Living with courage and hope in uncertain times… What are the odds I can get through three weeks without mentioning democrats…  Clearly, unlike the Senators running for the nomination, I would not be able to take the Senate oath on impartiality… Who among you believes their sincerity…?  Who among the news interpreters will ask the question that is begged…?

© Robert Graham 2012