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News Flash...

The Covid-19 virus haets sunlight and heat - almost as much as the dems hate PDT… But we don’t have that here in VaBch… We have rain and clouds and rain… Quite depressing.


Let’s see… It was Jan 17th that the first case of Covid-19 appeared outside China. Strangely,  5 days later the Chinese and WHO said there was no evidence the virus could be passed human to human.  What was happening in the USA during this time… Oh right… The democrats and the interpreters of their cause were slandering the President of the United Staes in a vain, futile and very stupid attempt to have him removed from office.  And what was the President doing about the virus during this period of legislative insanity…? Well on the 31st of Jan, 5 days before the Senate finally dismissed the idiocy before them, PDT imposed restrictions on travel from China where the diseases originated and was focused.  Nan the ripper, about three weeks later called for all to assemble in China Town… No fears about the virus from Nan… joey biden assaulted the logic of travel restriction as racist and xenophobia.


There isn’t a point to be made here that hasn’t been made, proven and recorded many many times:  the democrats are criminally dishonest and flagrantly inept… When allowed to be honestly examined, history reveals example after example where liberal governance has failed.  The same history also shows the interpreters inept and corrupt support of that travesty.

Busy week ahead.  Tomorrow I have the stitches removed from what’s left of my arm.  Hopefully the path report will exempt me my further flash removal.  Thursday we have to take Remi, our foster, to Richmond for his neurologic exam.  Perhaps to include an MRI.  Thankfully the rescue is picking up the tab because that level of care is quite expensive.

  © Robert Graham