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My Goodness

What a mess.  I’m not talking about biden-burisma.  That’s been around for quite some time.  There is a video of vp-joe actually bragging about how he got a prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold funding… Q.E.D.   My wrath is for the the blatant censorship by the so called social media… Even in this world of over the top partisanship and the transparent anti-conservative bias of the news interpreters, the stink of facebook and twitter attempting to cancel the story permeates the industry like a pig sty in July.  The effect of the censorship is to emphasize the story on the right.  But the contempt for traditional news interpreters by conservative outlets is already well established and no minds are swayed by consumers of their product.  Sadly the “independents” or even “moderates” get their interpretations from liberally tainted sources who, as of this morning, refuse in unison any mention of the facebook/twitter censorship.


Not only has the swimming pool closing turned into financial disaster, but we had to call for help when the garage door suddenly decided it had no more interest in working than joey b taking questions.  Might have been a good thing because we got the repair, a cleaning, and boot replacement all in the same visit.  Yeah it was a couple of hundred bucks but still cheaper than a routine vet visit.

Judge Amy continues to slice and dice her pathetic democrat tormentors.  She took several of them to school but they are without shame anyway so they it didn’t matter. I thought this exchange was particularly good:

The mask thing… Really I do understand that should I cough or sneeze in public the mask will help mitigate the spread of potentially infectious droplets and thus provide some slight protection to the general public.  I suppose the converse is also true in that if a have a snug fit, the mask may possibly impair the transmission of virus from air to lung.   Maybe…  But if one closely observes the public figures who are wearing the mask, often they uncover the nose or the mask fit at the nose is so loose its efficiency, questionable when tight, must be close to zero.  The issue of requiring a mask at all times, like in an otherwise unoccupied car or office is stupid panic-think.  But that is sort of the difference between a governor like Kristi Noem and the witch of Michigan…

Here I should place the Dilbert cartoon I used the other day in my rant.  You can refer back one day if you care to and get my point.

Instead I have another Dilbert in celebration of ACB and the morons … ah… I mean democrat inquisitors…

  © Robert Graham