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It seems to me there are a couple of ways it could go.  The first scenario would be the one called Justice. In that vision the Great American Voter punishes the democrats for their crimes: Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment; support of the corrupted FBI/DOJ/CIA com-lex formed under hussein; the Cavanaugh travesty and all of the rest.  PDT sweeps to victory along with both the house and senate in celebration of all the the Trump administration has achieved.  YeHaw.  

The next, more likely, scenario called Fright is where the democrats reject the bern, and run sneaky pete or soggy little amy.  The voters forget the crimes of the democrats because they are simply tired of Trump's maelstrom of confusion and embarrassment.  The house stays democrat but the republicans hold the senate as a check on the radical.  


In the Nightmare, bern or pete or bloomy wins; the house holds and the senate flips.  The world as we know it is finished.  There is no coming back from that one.

If PDT would just SHUT UP…

The Diamond Princess must be a true horror.  3500 passengers quarantined, confined to their cabins… The only way off is to actually test positive for the disease… How much is that costing Princess…?  Don’t even get me started on the law suits to come… Too bad if you own cruise line stock...

All right… I know… I’m signing off… put down that rock.


© Robert Graham 2012