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Murky, Mild Thursday

I have more important things to tend and so do you… So why exactly are we meeting here…?  Just thought I’d point out that you are to blame - not me.

Today’s Quote:

Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) said Tuesday that the blame for coronavirus “is not because of anything that China did” and instead rests squarely with President Trump

Right… the infection of TDS is quote incurable.  

Another question for the Great American Voter:  You elected the democrat  Governors in Michigan and Kentucky.  Are you happy with your choice…?  Will you elect them again…?  Will you ever learn…?  Chortle...

It’s pretty clear to us of the conspiracy ilk that the Wuhan Virus originated in the Virus lab in Wuhan.  Actually, now that has become yet another partisan issue.  dems assert the theory is nonsense because… well.. dems and China…  Hmmm... FaceBook.. Probably had something to do with evils of Zoom as well...


Suddenly a great rash of endorsements for joey… Could it be they needed to get it done before the saga of Tara Reade made it inconvenient…?  Or maybe...

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