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Monday Already…?

And what happened to February.  The last thing I saw was Groundhog Day…?

PDT drew a crowd of 110,000 as he spoke to the Indian Nation.  Not surprising because India is a populous nation. You can find 100,000 waiting in line for the ladies room…  Still in all he seems very popular in a place where Russian influence used to be be the theme.  Oh right…. now I get it… Russian agent and all that.  Where is schiff when we need him…?

Either  the number of bloomberg ads has decreased or my rejection of them is just on automatic.  His credibility borders on the LMAO these days…


I’m sure you remember the “suicide” of Vince Foster… That was back in the days of bb hil and disappearing records.  Then came the “suicide” of Epstein… Now we hear of the “suicide” of Phil Haney.  He was a DHS person during the hussein administration who was told to purge hundreds of files of people with ties to Islamist organizations.  He became a whistle blower, testifying before Congress… Now he’s gone, having taken his own life just as he announced he was writing a book about his DHS experience.  He was also just about to get married.  Beware when you hear the rumors that the bern is willing to come clean with some clinton stuff… and then goes into depression and … well, you know …

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sneaky pete is another to watch for

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