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Missed opportunity

I should have titled yesterdays entry “Mayday” as the universal cry of distress…  Oh well, maybe next year.

 We are going on an outing this morning.  As any sane person realizes, when one receives a Navy Exchange scratch-off, one is obligated under Title 10 of the US Code to expend wealth or suffer the risk of  having one’s name mentioned derisively on CNN as a #METOO denier…  Or something like that.   In any case we have such an instrument and the Navy Exchange has iPads…

Several years ago I gave Mei Mei an iPad for Christmas, a gift that was greeted with an underwhelming  “Oh that’s nice… an iPad”.  Translation left to the reader as an exercise...  Since then, however, that iPad has become her dearest companion.  Word games, puzzles … non-stop.  She may leave the house without her purse but not without her iPad.  The screen is cracked and the the memory insufficient so she is getting a new one - and we will together save a minimum of 5% and avoid public flogging… win-win.

There is very little in the Wuhan crises or the politics of today that inspire funny cartoons. I thought the weekly batch from PowerLine was nothing spectacular.  Couldn’t even find the bizarre to amuse myself.  I found the one below elsewhere.. Amusing…?

I also choose this one; not for it’s humor but the very sad reality:


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