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describes my birthday weekend.  Steve and Kathleen were here and we enjoyed a “happy hour” video chat with her kids. Steve introduced me to an exceptionally acceptable bourbon as we also sampled some of Scotland’s finest. He replaced the damaged belt on the lawn mower.  I enjoyed calls from my kids and friends. I even got a serenade from the Sunday School class.

We had mustard sauce filets for dinner, finished with the traditional German Chocolate cake.  Surprisingly low cal… The conclusion was a cornucopia of gifts including a caricature of joey from Pam suitable for punching or sniffing...

IMG 2512

I will attempt to thank all for their generosity personally, but I have to feature one particular gift which was a new Panasonic phone system.  Like all new phone systems, this one is replete with features, bells and whistles. most of which are interesting but will never be used.  After all it’s a handset through which calls are made and received. However the one feature that makes this so special is the system requires callers to enter “1” to be connected. This basically eliminates the torrent of spam calls we receive since they are robocalls calls without interaction.  Yehaw… The silence is wondrous… Of course the lingering silence marks how few relevant calls we actually get.

And of course there is the RBG passing…  My guess is the confirmation hearings will make the Kavanaugh slaughter house look like a birthday party.  There may even be attempted murder, slanderous lies, rioting in the streets accompanied by looting and other high crimes…  It wouldn’t surprise if me nan the ripper initiated impeachment…in fact it is even conceivable that someone would mail ricin to PDT  in an attempt to assassinate him… Oh… wait… that’s already SOP for democrats…  I’m sure PDT will hesitate to nominate in the face of the democrat imposed chaos… Riiiiight… Come on man, that’s why we voted for him.

  © Robert Graham 2012