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Things muddle on.  We have a foster dog with a disc issue in his spine.  As a result he suffers pain which we may or may not see because Dogs, especially Goldens are stoic and suffer in silence.  In lieu of very expensive surgery which is iffy at best, we are going to start taking him to physical therapy twice a week.  He will also get some exercises for us to administer.  Fun…

Tonight I will undergo a sleep test.  I go into the hospital, they wire me up with sensors and then observe my sleep overnight.  This is essentially to detect whether to not I have sleep apnea.  Just how one sleeps when all wired up remains to be seen.  More importantly, how does one make it to the necessary for the at least twice nightly visits…?  All to be revealed.

The climate is so nasty, I had to turn the heat back on.  Cold winds and rain… As I walked out to get the paper this morning, I flashed back to the morning bridge watch on a submarine transiting out of New London in February.  The lookout and me dodging the knife edged spay pouring over the bow, sinking into hypothermia as the  frozen wind sheared away every available BTU from our bodies…  Ah…. Good times.


We did manage somehow to muster a good portion the Agape Sunday School Class to a  Zoom session.  When I say we, that’s includes our Chinese masters who no doubt dutifully infected our public piety.  I don’t know that of course.  I tend towards hyperbole on occasion… But just because one is paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…Right, Gen Flynn…?

I continue to marvel how the News Interpreters yelp and screech over anything PDT might or might not do, while ignoring a truly historic corruption of government… And by that I mean the hussein administration in it's entirety…So many crimes…. so little time...


Sorry about the word “Talent”… Not my quote.

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