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Last Week

Starting to count down the final week in July… And the Portland riots enter their 60th day, more or less.  Of course I have not actually seen the so-called violence so perhaps it’s all a myth just as that fearless defender of justice, jerome nadler, firmly believes:

The word DUFUSS and nadler are forever and irrevocably linked and interchangeable.

The morning ritual in the Senior Graham family is to read the newspaper while consuming breakfast.  Mei Mei reads the V_P while I the comics from the V_P and in sequence, the WSJ.  Grunts of satisfaction with the food are mixed with cries of anguish, profanities and outrage.  The most prevalent screech from the distaff side is “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!” Because I am the elder with more life experience… and a right wing racist bible thumping deplorable… I can offer this explanation:

 Science, as related here, has determined that the American Crocodile may have migrated here from Africa.  The article isn’t clear if they were brought here as slaves or were merely seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit … well you know, the thing..  In any case it occurs to me that they should be considered for reparations given their harsh treatment and the obvious discrimination by the public in favor of the American Alligator.  What abusive silliness, you shout… Perhaps I should take a cognitive test such as the one touted by PDT and failed by the CNN  carbuncles

Cheap, unashamed segue...

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