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Is it over…?

Just wondering when it will be safe to turn on the TV again… And while I am in the questioning mode… Do the Blue City Rage and Torch Gangs stop their mayhem to watch the heroes of the democrat party on looted tv’s…?


I am currently playing a video game whose premise is that a massive pandemic has stricken the city of Wash DC.  The damage is such that government has ceased, crime gangs have established control, normal folks have gathered in defensible communes where they provide shelter, food and hope.  The taking back of the streets is relegated to men and women of the “Division”.  No mention of the various other genders… The bad guys are the mentally deranged gangs who ruthlessly slaughter anyone who opposes their greed and lust for power…  I know, right…?  How fun is that…  Interestingly the game was created several years ago and was originally based on the same scenario in New York City.  The second release took the war to DC.  Prescient indeed… 

As the dominoes start to teeter in the sage of BoGate… the news interpreters strive to pretend nothing is there… Hopefully the matters will crescendo to the extent some coverage will leak through… On the other hand, if they won’t acknowledge the chaos and destruction of Blue governance….


So enough of truth, justice and the American way… I need to get back on the streets of Washington with my trusty G36 assault rifle.  Because of my aging reflexes and general incompetence, my character will need to be regenerated often but so it is with pixels… They come and go at the whim of Cox and Dominion but there is always an endless supply.

  © Robert Graham