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In other news..

Khloe our incredibly sweet foster girl, destroyed a rug yesterday.  She chewed an enormous hole in the very valuable rug in front of my desk


the were no ill effects we could detect and no trace of the fragments were found either on the floor or in her bodily discharges.  She may be innocent but someone or something did it in a two hour period when Mei Mei and I were both gone.  Blame on UFOs, ghosts or a giant rat have not been disregarded but unlikely.

I know there is more important news about… I mean the acquisition of the game company Bungie by Sony, the retirement of that QB… The name change of the Redskins…. that’s real news but I wanted, in my hard held tradition to comment on something about which I know absolutely nothing.  Hence Joe Rogan.  You can read about who he is here.

He has 11,000,000 subscribers on a music service called Spotify and his contract is worth $100M.  Rogan’s biggest sin was that he contracted the wuhan and treated it with, among other things, ivermectin.  And then went on to say publicly to his millions of subscribers that he thought it was effective.  Blasphemy.  Unacceptable. Heretical departure from the gosbel of saint fauci. Attempts by the left (I’d say radical but of course they are..)  to get him cancelled have failed because… $$$$$$$$$. As a consequence some ( need I say liberal…?) musicians have demanded their music be removed from Spotify, notably someone called Neil Young… Yeah, I don’t know either…

Anyway, like the truckers in Canada, I celebrate his and their shouts for freedom… Let’s Go Brandon.

  © Robert Graham