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I must be having fun

because the speed of light has tripled… you get it right….?  time…. speed of light…  Come on man….

As we enter the 55th day and night with rain, I will tell you I tried to mow the lawn.  I hit a very wet patch and now the lawn mower is axel deep in mud and will be there for the foreseeable… Joe went out to inspect my work… He walked away with a deep sigh… Come on man, he said, that baby is there until election day…

Every Friday, for some reason, I unleash my inner masochist and read the noonan column… this week it was a puff piece on the heroic rise of she whoshallnotbenamed… No mention of this:


Come on man

I live a careful protected life.  I try to tread where the covid doesn’t… I’ve never joined a protest, peaceful or democrat; I only talk politics with my GR’s… Still I am insecure.  I mean they are out there aren’t they…?  Sigh…


Come on man

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