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Hot spot

Poor Remi has one.  He has to wear the cone of shame to prevent licking at the spot.  Not a happy boy.

IMG 2468

Scott and Kayla returned home yesterday.  Kayla was on the golf course immediately.  She is dedicated to that stupid game.  She is playing in a tournament on Thursday.

I’m in hot water here at home.  There were reports that Roscoe was paying bounties to Gracie to poop on the dining room rug.  I failed to react because, to be honest, I wasn’t briefed on the situation.  For Heaven’s sakes… Don’t I have enough to deal with what with Chinese software running amuck on my computer.


It turns out that the St Louis couple who threatened a “peaceful” protest crowds with firearms are BLM supporters and democrats.  Funny how democrats become 2nd Amendment advocates when their own is threatened…  BTW the “peaceful” protestors broke down a fence and then threatened the couple.  They armed themselves after see people in the “peaceful” crowd carrying guns.

This says a lot:


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