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Scott picked Kayla up at the Jakarta Airport yesterday around noon our time.  Apparent the flights went well and were sparsely populated so they had room to stretch out and sleep.  We do miss them…


There is a continuing email thread from USNA Classmates discussing the lawless nature of the Portland disaster.  One classmate, the duty LIBERAL is under a relentless barrage from the right wing, 99%, conservative fellows.  He holds his own albeit with typical left wing perversion of truth, values, apple pie and the American Way.  I choose not to participate because I am verifiably insane.

With regard to the rebranding of the Washington Redskins… Chortle… In my not so humble opinion the word democrat should be incorporated and clearly obvious to the even the most casual of observers…


Oh well.  I have some deep thinking and reasoning  to do.  Talk among yourselves

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