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I have run out of things to whine about. Gracie had the very fluid poopies but after a vet visit requiring a second mortgage, she had sufficient medication and special food to recover.  

I did see an interesting poll that indicates 35% of the American public would not take the drug hydroxychloroquine if they came down with the Covid-19 infection.  31% said they would take the drug and the remaining 34% were undecided.  So about a third of the Great American Public would rather die than do anything associated with PDT.  

The masks I ordered finally arrived.  We have a stash of 50.  None of them fit the dogs unfortunately.  Mei Mei has a highly sophisticated sewing machine so she could have whipped up some very stylish models from curtain material and old shirts.  But she declined on the grounds that… uh… she declined.

The cartoons are all very depressing.  There is nothing funny about the politics of the virus or the idiots in government and its oversight   Leadership we are counting on to guide us though a situation beyond the control of the common man, is focused on peeing contests about who has the biggest…  Makes me ill.   Or maybe I have the virus

Some folks in Mississippi moved into a new home.  Just a few weeks later this is all they had left.  The concrete structure remaining is a small safe room where the family of 4 (and a dog apparently) rode out a tornado… 



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