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Here I sit

completely distracted by the PDT foreign policy triumphs.  Peace mutterings in the middle east with nominations for Nobel… all an anathema to the democrats whose agenda is HATE TRUMP and then some more HATE for anyone conservative.  Queen nan of ripper fame whose exposure at the “beauty” parlor, couldn’t find an emotion to offer other than the aforementioned HATE when asked about mid-east soothing. 

No context here but I needed to post this one somewhere...


We had a nice weekend.  Kuhns came over for breakfast on Saturday.  Haven’t seen them in a while. We had a lot to talk about but somehow kept circling back to the state of the world and the prospects. Weather was OK but enough rain that I couldn’t mow the lawn.  Roscoe was a little mopey.  He is 12 and slowing down.  By conventional measurers we are about the same age…

We did watch some football yesterday… Not sure why… Maybe I just wanted to validate my disgust at the politics of professional sports.  Especially those who feature multi-millionaires protesting social issues.  I had to turn off the Cowboys game when they showed the players kneeling while the anthem of the nation that gave them the opportunity to be rich beyond imagination was played.


While I hold national polls to be whimsical  and imaginative predilections  to be interpreted by the political weenies in any way that benefits their side, I am appalled that the numbers seem to indicate there is a large number of idiots among the America Public who will vote for their own demise.


Sadly the bright and varied greens of spring have been over taken by the moldering dark greens of fall.  At least in New England the reward is a final burst of color.  Here in the blue grimness of The Commonwealth, we only get a transition to the brown that reminds us to hold our breath until April.  Even as we realize that April may come without us or even be cancelled by BLM...

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