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Trying to get the remaining Christmas stuff up before the Stephen Ministers come here  tonight.  I have an eye appointment and Mei Mei has a doctor’s visit.  Maybe Roscoe can get it all done.  The rain flooded the outside lights but somehow they recovered.  Hopefully the wind and rain will hold off long enough to get through tonight.

Happy Birthday to Bonnie.  She fixed us a pot roast to die for last night.  We took Roscoe over to visit.  He loved it.  

Can anyone remember when super heros from the comics represented patriotism and the American way…?  Now a version of Bat Woman is set to debut, in which she a lesbian.  This is the happy future to which the liberals aspire…?  Sigh…

Oh well.  Listen to Christmas music while you still can.  That’s what I am doing…


Got to get going.

aa© Robert Graham 2012