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Hanging with the dogs

Quiet weekend.  I spoke with Jackson who is prepping to join his crew.  Kathleen checked in.  We watched last year’s golf.  We did get to see the women’s amateur played at Augusta National.  What an experience. The two girls who played in the final group against each other were good friends and showed amazing sportsmanship… or sportsgirlship…or something.  In any case superb golfers on the most special golf course in the world.  

Remi, our foster had a seizure last night.  It is a pretty horrifying experience if one hasn’t seen it before.  We have had a couple of seizure dogs so we weren’t all that shocked.  It still is very hard to watch and hard on the dog. It took Remi an hour or so to get back to normal.

You may have seen the story about a 95 year old WWII veteran who beat the coronavirus.  What a great story. Quote: ‘I survived the foxholes of Guam, I can get through this [coronavirus] bull—-

Greatest generation...


I can’t speak for other Christians, but for me the hand of God is clear in all of this.  Many folks have drawn the parallels between now and circumstances in the Old Testament where the people lost their faith, moved to idolatry and suffered the wrath of God in return.  The correlations are stark and frightening because mankind is condemned in general… 

My aggravation with the news interpreters cannot get worse.  One reporter asked PDT why he hadn’t closed all grocery stores… Beyond belief...


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