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We celebrate the hero dogs who accompany the SF into what they do.  My cartoon yesterday said something to the effect that on the way into battle you’ll never hear… Wish we had a cat… You’ll also never hear wish we had a Golden Retriever… The only way a GR would chase a terrorist down a tunnel would be if the terrorist had a hamburger and then only the hamburger would be in danger.  But as democrats go, they are very lovable.

This photo is of course a photoshop fake.  Impeachable offense.


We have five families asking for an interview with Damon.  And that’s just the ones deemed to be qualified and forwarded to us by the screeners.  

More Kabuki from the dems today.  A vote will be held to authorize schiff the weasel to conduct hearings controlled by him, by his rules and his agenda.  Republicans will be able to watch if the hearings are public.  Apparently all of the elite in the political world have known that the so called whistle blower was a political hack who worked for both biden and brennan,  That’s why you don’t hear about him any more.  He could no more stand up to scrutiny than the Kavanaugh accusers.  

I did stay up to watch the Nationals win the WS.  But only for the sake of the Fuqua family most of whom are dedicated Nationals fans in spite of the history of that poor team.  Congratulations Nationals and their fans.

Our Sunday School teacher came down with an infection that the doctors cannot locate.  I am his backup for teaching, so I am scrambling to put a lesson together.  Or I could just show dog pictures and tell some sea stories.  

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