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Don’t know what to make of this Ground Hog Day… The Cherry tree in front has bloomed and the daffodils are at the same point…  Six more weeks of winter…? or does it mean winter will actually start..?

I guess now we can start to speculate what the next impeachment will be all about.   fancy nancy, that magical politician who wields the iron fist… what was she thinking…?  She must have realized this was a run over the cliff.  Did she put schiff and nadler out there thinking they would excel…?  She knew schiff is a pathological liar and nadler needed cheat sheets to get out of third grade.  She who loves to say PDT is impeached forever, will only be remembered for how her hate devolved into the worst managed political exercise in history.

Yeah.  I did read the noonan column this morning.  I don’t now why I ritualize that self-flagellation.  Deep in her mourning over the failure to compel witnesses, she deals with why the house didn’t complete their investigation by saying that was a process error but the failure of the senate was a justice error.  Dear Lord did she have a clue about what the house did…? Justice…? She shouldn’t be allowed to even say that word much less put it onto paper.


I’m tempted to send this to AOC… 

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Happy Super Bowl.  May your snacks be magnificent, your commercials funny and your team play with honor and, please God, we pray the referees don’t make stupid calls.

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