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According to a Wikipedia page I found, the LGBTXYZ community population percentage in the USA sits at abut 3.8%.  Of course that number is challengeable and who knows for sure wherefrom the statistics derive.  Look at the page and judge for yourself. Even if the statistics are doubled we are still looking at a significant minority.  I researched but came up empty on the proportion of stories from the News Interpreters that focused on LGBTXYZ community.  Anecdotally, my guess is that it disproportionate to the population.  

The above seems significant to me as the UMC struggles with existence.  That our organized connection to God must dissolve in homage to that tiny population is symptomatic of our national social justice malaise.  

Is it just me or do you sense an aura of disappointment among the democrats that PDT chose the sensible path in not turning Iran into asphalt over the latest rocket attack…?  A couple of cartoons seem appropriate this time:


The dem candidates for the presidential nomination have certainly distinguished themselves.  I wonder if they read their own quotes…?  Do you think e.warren looked in the mirror and practiced saying that PDT killed a senior government official…?  And then there was poor old befuddled joey who didn’t know exactly how to condemn PDT so he just mumbled contemptuously…


That’s enough insanity for today…  I think they coming to get me…

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