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Fun and Profit

Here in the Commonwealth we find the legislature and governor queuing up to remove all restrictions on the murder of unborn children.  How exactly this crime became a woman’s rights issue resides in one of those blank areas in my brain.  Of course I am a complete hypocrite given my willingness to murder my dogs when I feel like it.  And yet I restrain myself from imposing death by vacuum cleaner when the issue is gender selection or inconvenience to a busy life style.  In what other part of the spectrum of life here on earth do parents kill their young for fun and profit…?


Interesting article over at PowerLine.   The author was making a personality evaluation of John Bolton based on previous association.  He then branched off to discuss Romney and his attitude and pronouncements on the vote for witnesses.  He finished up with this: 

"Let me restate this last paragraph: Romney’s highest and best use is babysitting kids. Trump’s best use is smashmouth rugby with Democrats. This is not a hard call.

If you listened to the Dershowitz speech on abuse of power you will know he listed the many Presidents who were so accused but were not impeached.  Here is a brief summary.  Such a winning argument but lost on the News Interpreters who only want to sing the Bolton tune.  Politics… what a wonderful sport.  Do those who play masterfully get the same accolades at death as do … uh… say… basketball players…?

So if the Senate decides Bolton should be a witness and PDT declares executive privilege, I assume the case would go to court.  Does that require the senators to remain at their desks until the court case is decided?  If so that would be unfair to bernie, et al in their quest.  And the last thing we want is unfairness to bernie…


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