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Full of it

That’s me.  We had the Kuhns over for breakfast for the traditional Eggs Benedict.  I added a feature this morning: Fresh baked scones, a recipe from the Baking Book Kathleen gave me for Christmas.


They tasted good but just look at that golden crispy bake.  Handshake please.

As usual we argued vociferously over politics.  We can never agree on who is further to the right.  I think I made a significant point this morning with my assertion that nan the ripper (love that characterization) is actually suffering from a degenerative disease of the cranial tissues within.  On the other hand, I am full of it.


Scott called last night with the news that Kayla wants to attend a week at the Naval academy this summer.  As I recall Grandson Matthew attended the same affair several years ago when I thought he was my last hope for another USNA grad.  Never did I think Kayla was a possibility.  But then I am full of it…

It has been my policy to give as little attention to AOC as possible.  I love the way she is destroying the democrats on a daily basis.  More power to her.  Still every now and then a cartoon just makes me laugh:


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